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Webex App Integration (MacOS)
Webex App Integration (MacOS)
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With our latest integration, you can now manage your library, view content, and record Vidcasts all from the comfort of the Webex app.

Webex app integration is available for MacOS users in Webex app version 44.3 and higher.

Do you prefer to watch a demo video? Click on the thumbnail below!

Webex integration for Mac OS demo

Vidcast in the Webex app

You can access Vidcast via dedicated Vidcast tab in your Webex app's left sidebar. Clicking on the Vidcast tab will open the full experience you are used to from the Vidcast in your browser.

Webex integration layout screenshot

There are only a couple of differences- your homepage now allows you to quickly preview and import your most recent Webex Meeting/ Webinar recordings directly to Vidcast. Furthermore, the main menu, that is located in the left sidebar in the browser version, was moved to the top of your the Vidcast within Webex app.

Just like the browser version of Vidcast allows you to record your videos, you can now record videos directly from your Webex app by clicking on the New video button in the top right corner of the integration. All videos recorded through either tool will be saved to your library and can be accessed from anywhere!

By default, you will be able to record your camera and audio inputs. If you also want to screenshare, you will be prompted to download our dedicated desktop application to help with that!

Screenshot of a dialogue prompting users to download a desktop app for MacOs

You will need to install the application after download, by opening the downloaded .dmg file and dragging Vidcast icon to your Applications folder.

Once the app is installed, simply click on New video button again and from that point on- the app will automatically open every single time!

Recording to Webex space

Being able to access Vidcast through Webex is great, but there is one more course our engineers prepared in their development kitchen for all Webex users. You can now record and send a Vidcast directly to a Webex space or direct message within the Webex app.

You can initiate the recording by clicking on the camera button in the toolbar menu above the space for a regular Webex message.

Webex toolbar screenshot highlighting record to space button

Once clicked, you will be greeted by a familiar recording window, where you can select your camera and microphone settings, toggle them on or off, select what screen you want to share and even select a Webex virtual background for your camera. Once you are happy with your setup, click on the Start Recording button to get your message recorded.

Vidcast desktop application is also required to be downloaded and installed to be able to screen share while recording to space.

Please note that choosing to record full screen will not show what is recorded in the preview window during recording itself, however, your screen is being recorded!

After the recording is finished, you will be able to preview it, trim out the beginning or the end of the video and select a title for your masterpiece!

Record to space after recording dialog window screenshot

And finally, you will be able to include a short message before posting your Vidcast to the particular space or direct message from which you initiated the recording.

Record to space success message with a link screenshot

Once you hit the Post to space button, you will see a success message from which you can also copy the link to share somewhere else.

Record to space success message with a link screenshot

The video will then appear in the space (or direct message) together with the message you chose. Its share permissions will automatically adjust to include all members of that particular space. The video will also be saved to your Vidcast Library, where you can revisit it at any time.

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