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Screen Share Options
Screen Share Options

Vidcast provides multiple options when choosing to share your screen for a recording.

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Whether you're needing to share your entire screen or just a single browser tab, you'll have options when using Vidcast.

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Screen share demo

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When selecting to record a new video, your screen share will default to being off. Simply click on the screen share icon to pull up your preferences menu.

Record video window screenshot with Share screen button highlighted

Entire Screen

Selecting to record your entire screen will do just as it sounds. You'll be recording everything that appears on that screen (different browser tabs, windows, thumbnails, etc).

Entire Screen

**In the above example, the user is using two monitors. If your setup uses just one screen, you'll simply see the one option here.

Microsoft Edge or Chrome Tab

This option will record only the specific Edge or Chrome tab that you choose. This is a great option for when you have multiple browser tabs open. Rather than closing everything out, this allows you to record just the one tab that you specify.

Edge or Chrome tab


The Window option allows you to record any specific window that you have open. Unlike the Edge/Chrome tab option, you'll be able to go back and forth between browser tabs within your video if that's what you wish.

And this option is also not limited to recording browser windows. As you'll see in the below screenshot, you can record any different app windows that you have open (eg. Notes, Outlook, Webex, etc).


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