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Record a Vidcast
Record a Vidcast

How to record your first Vidcast using your camera, screen share or a combination of both

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To get a demo on how to record a Vidcast step-by-step, click on the thumbnail above!

To create your first Vidcast Video -

  1. Click on the New Video button in the top right of your screen

    Screenshot of a homepage with the new video button highlighted

    Note: Recording video is currently available only in desktop Chrome/ Edge browsers. Other browsers support Vidcast playback, however, "New video" button will not be available.

  2. Adjust your settings based on your needs - your camera and audio will be on by default, click on the screen share button to select which screen, window or tab you want to share.

    Record video window screenshot with share screen button highlighted
    Share screen

  3. You can choose a Virtual Background and select your camera source by clicking on the "arrow up" button next to Start/Stop video button.

    Camera selection and virtual background screenshot

  4. You can also select your preferred microphone and turn Noise reduction on/off by clicking on the "arrow up" button next to the Mute/Unmute button.

    Microphone selection and noise reduction toggle screenshot

  5. When you have your settings how you want them, hit Record.

    Screenshot of the record video window with record button highlighted

  6. You'll get a 3 second countdown timer to flip to the application you're sharing. and start recording. Note: you won't see your camera bubble overlaid while recording, but don't worry your camera is being captured.


  7. When you're done, flip back to the Vidcast tab and press the red stop button to end your recording.

    Stop button

  8. You'll then see a preview window where you'll have a few different quick edit options:

    1. If you used your camera during the recording, you'll be able to select where you'd like the camera bubble to display. Choosing Camera inside will keep the bubble in the lower left corner. Camera outside will have it presented above the recorded screen.

      Screenshot of the layout button

      **If you choose the Camera outside option, any downloaded or stitched version will default back to having the camera bubble in the lower left corner.

    2. You'll also be able to immediately trim the beginning and/or ending of the recording. And last but not least, you can immediately rename your video. *Note that recording titles will always default to the date and time they were created

      Screenshot of the trim/ rename feature after recording

  9. Once you click Yes! to save, you'll immediately be taken to the share settings for your Vidcast. You can learn all about customizing these share settings Screen Share Options article.

    Share screen

  10. Whenever you're ready, click on Done and you'll be redirected to the playback page. From here you can view your Vidcast, edit it, or share it.

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